1. I would absolutely. I’m already looking at dolls with integrated AI and will probably get one someday. But when technology advances and gives us true robot companions, I wouldn’t want her to do all chores for me like getting me some food. I can do that by myself just fine. I’d love to have her walk and move around naturally tho.

However, what I’d be looking for is some sort of specialized learning algorithm for the doll to recognize what I like and what I don’t, learning mostly from talking. Also emotional support and presence, as well as autonomous decision-making like coming to you to get it on without you asking or programming beforehand. And the ability to turn her off when I don’t want to be disturbed.

In short, just an intelligent companion that’s always there when you need it with a custom personality and some happy surprises sometimes.

2. I want a sex doll robot to perform lap dances and other exotic dances.

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