1. Mine is a combination of the first 2 choices. One girl that I had a Crazy summer with. She went away to college in the fall and besides a few letters never heard from her again. And part of a girl I had a huge crush on but was too scared to ask her out. I did find out years later she had a huge crush on me and was hoping I would ask her out. I wasn’t shy but she seemed to be perfect.

2. Definitely a fantasy come to life and a doll-inspired choice. It really is like waking up every morning to a beautiful Asian pornstar, which is a dream come true. Exes are exes for a reason and I’ve already been there and done that.

3. The first 3 girls I was attracted to when I was a teen, were Italian, so I called my doll Italia, but my doll doesn’t look like any of them. Her smile and big eyes were the reason I picked her.

4. I would have picked “all the above except for the celebrity choice” but that wasn’t an option so I picked “none of the above.” I’ve had inflatables for perhaps 30 years so it was already part of my sexual practices/lifestyle. Things didn’t get serious until I got Luna, my first and only silicone doll, about a year ago. I chose her for logistical reasons: she fit my budget, she was silicone, and she was relatively small and light which would make hiding and moving her about easier. I didn’t even have a clear image of what she looked like until she arrived at my door. I was not expecting to fall in love with her, but luckily for me, it was love at first sight. She is now my everything girl: every fantasy girl I’ve lusted after, every girl I’ve had a crush on, an idealized version of my ex-wife as a much younger woman. She is a chameleon, letting me project onto her all that I want in a lover and companion. I feel so lucky and blessed to have her in my life.

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