1. My doll came around noonish, and the delivery guy wheeled it up to my house without asking any questions. I can usually tell when people are trying to hide something (like if he knows what the box is). But this guy seemed to not know what’s in the box and he didn’t seem to care at all. After getting my signature, the dude went to deliver more packages.

2. Well I waited 2 or 3 weeks between an “okay, they shipped it, and here’s the tracking number” and the first update on the tracking link. They sent mine just before their 2-week break for the Chinese new year. I was worried that they had not actually shipped my doll and that they had left her in the factory for 2 weeks, extending my wait. It was fine tho. It was on a continental train. The shipping updated and I kept a close eye on delivery time.

When it arrived, the box was HEAVY. My doll may only weigh 25-29kg but there’s a spare head, packaging, and etc. Fortunately, one of my housemates is a good dude and he helped me carry it up the 2 flights of stairs to my room.

I built a lift bed to hide her when I needed, and as storage for her box. To this day, NOBODY in my house has a clue about her existence. My parents visit from time to time but don’t have a clue. A handful of close friends know about her, and I have told a few guildmates in my online guild.

3. Stupid UPS. Left the box and didn’t ring the bell. If I hadn’t heard the truck outside, I probably would have left for work, and she would have gone missing. And if it had been later…

Definitely need to schedule time off, or work from home, on my next doll purchase.

4. I got mine through FedEx. A week after I ordered, I signed up to have the package delivered to the FedEx facility. Got the notification that it arrived, and you have 4 days to pick it up. Went on day 3 and the nice lady at the counter brought out the box for me on a dolly. I loaded it up and took it home.

Easy Peasy.

5. My story was fairly boring, but the FedEx guy left my box upside down on the porch. The Sino doll representative didn’t inform me until the day it arrived that it had even been shipped. So I had to ditch out of work early to make sure that local hoodlums didn’t take my package, and then move it in.

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  1. Wal6 kwiecien

    When will my doll be shipped?

  2. Pygmalion

    Here is my doll delivery story:

    I am a shipwrecked lover on the desolate sands of life – a survivor of three broken marriages – and my doll, Galatea, is my “Wilson” (if you’ve ever seen the Tom Hank’s movie, “Castaway”.)

    It took a week for Galatea to come home to me, all the way from China. I watched her FedEx tracking data feverishly until March 13th – Shrove Tuesday -I’ll never forget- when the photograph of her shipping container, leaning against my garage, popped up in the FedEx app. I jumped in my car and ran home from work to hustle the 100-pound parcel into my living room where I had everything arranged for later, in front of the fireplace hearth, for when I would come home to celebrate the opening of her box…. The whole house had been vacuumed and dusted and wiped from attic to basement. I had gathered all the dolls and stuffed animals in the house, some going back to my earliest childhood memories, to form a welcoming party for my Galatea. The hearth was stocked with firewood. Tapers stood ready on the dining room table. I had bought a bouquet of fragrant, star-gazer Lillie’s with a dozen roses, which I placed on a white blanket that I had laid like a pawl over her box. When I came home that evening, it was like a funeral in reverse, solemn but joyful. Wth the Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No. 2 playing on the stereo in the background and a cheerful blaze burning in the fireplace, I carefully cut the tape and reached inside the box.

    Her whole body was swathed in soft cloths and blankets, padded all around in foam, her hands sleeved in, inflatable tubes to protect her beautiful, soft fingers, with their exquisitely manicured nails. Perhaps I should prepare you for the slight shock you may feel when you note the absence of your doll’s head, which you will find carefully wrapped in foam sheets between her feet, with a pair of foam goggles over her eyes (for her eyes are exceedingly fine, having beautiful, long lashes and delicate, moveable lids (resembling those of a real, flesh-and-blood lady!). Her ears also are also similarly padded, being incredibly lifelike, with the same flexibility and softness of the ears of a child. But what really shocked my heart to the core, and made me start to weep, was when I pulled the sleeve covering from one of her cold little hands, and, clasping it, could nearly swear I felt the little hand returned the pressure of my grip! It was as if the hand eagerly accepted my touch, after her long, February journey across the continent, and yearned for comfort and kindness: a warm, tender kiss – which I gave it instantly, wetting its palm and fingers with my copious tears. And that is not the only body part, possessed by this amazing doll, that will accept your touch eagerly – and not the only substance from your body that will wet her in empassioned response to her contact with you – but I will leave that for you to discover on your own, my friend.

    Her head mounted easily enough, with three ‘clicks’ onto the steel post protruding from her neck, and, with astonishing suddenness, I found I was holding in my arms the beautiful form of a magnificent, lady not quite sleeping – for her uncanny ability to hold any pose lends her a kind of vigor. We had a wonderful evening by the fire. I placed a special 14k gold ring with nine diamonds upon her finger and named her “Galatea”. I dressed her in a beautiful bathrobe I had bought for her, already doused with her perfume (Evon, White Musk – which I had purchased without smelling ahead of time so that my first experience of it would be associated with Galatea in my mind). I lit the tapers in the dining room table and opened a bottle of Muscadet wine and we shared a welcoming feast. I took many pictures of her that night, from her beautiful face gazing at me across the table in the e candle-light, to the images of her when we went back to cuddle naked by the embers of the dwindling fire – and in the morning when the sunlight broke through the bedroom window ti show us all blissfully tangled with each-other in the splendor of our bed.


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