1. My doll came around noonish, and the delivery guy wheeled it up to my house without asking any questions. I can usually tell when people are trying to hide something (like if he knows what the box is). But this guy seemed to not know what’s in the box and he didn’t seem to care at all. After getting my signature, the dude went to deliver more packages.

2. Well I waited 2 or 3 weeks between an “okay, they shipped it, and here’s the tracking number” and the first update on the tracking link. They sent mine just before their 2-week break for the Chinese new year. I was worried that they had not actually shipped my doll and that they had left her in the factory for 2 weeks, extending my wait. It was fine tho. It was on a continental train. The shipping updated and I kept a close eye on delivery time.

When it arrived, the box was HEAVY. My doll may only weigh 25-29kg but there’s a spare head, packaging, and etc. Fortunately, one of my housemates is a good dude and he helped me carry it up the 2 flights of stairs to my room.

I built a lift bed to hide her when I needed, and as storage for her box. To this day, NOBODY in my house has a clue about her existence. My parents visit from time to time but don’t have a clue. A handful of close friends know about her, and I have told a few guildmates in my online guild.

3. Stupid UPS. Left the box and didn’t ring the bell. If I hadn’t heard the truck outside, I probably would have left for work, and she would have gone missing. And if it had been later…

Definitely need to schedule time off, or work from home, on my next doll purchase.

4. I got mine through FedEx. A week after I ordered, I signed up to have the package delivered to the FedEx facility. Got the notification that it arrived, and you have 4 days to pick it up. Went on day 3 and the nice lady at the counter brought out the box for me on a dolly. I loaded it up and took it home.

Easy Peasy.

5. My story was fairly boring, but the FedEx guy left my box upside down on the porch. The Sino doll representative didn’t inform me until the day it arrived that it had even been shipped. So I had to ditch out of work early to make sure that local hoodlums didn’t take my package, and then move it in.

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