If the following scenarios occur, does it count as being unfaithful or cheating on her?

1. Getting another more updated version of the doll closely resembles the current one.
2. Getting another doll with a different look.

My doll helped me walk through a deep depression, and I developed an emotional bond with her that I wanted to care for and respect as much as possible.

1. One of the advantages of dolls over women, is that dolls won’t complain if they have to share you. So, you can have any dolls you want and can afford. I and my dolls are in a polyamory relationship, I love them all, they love me, and they love each other, so there are no issues just love.

2. It is completely up to your own imagination. If another doll with similar looks, maybe they could be sisters. If a completely different look, maybe best friends. Then just imagine that your first doll/woman likes to share and let her sister/friend in on the fun. That’s probably one of the most common fantasies out there.

Being faithful to your doll is fully understandable, but don’t let it limit your fantasies/desires by assuming she wouldn’t approve. Look at it as an initiative from her side rather than yours.

3. I totally understand the dilemma you feel, or at least why you would feel it. I guess I’m a “one doll” kind of guy. While I see lots of other models of dolls that I think are super hot, I would never consider getting another doll, because even touching another doll would feel like “cheating” to me, which is something I just can’t do. I may masturbate to porn occasionally, or use other sex toys once in a while, but I never ever cum unless it’s with my doll. And after she’s made me cum 10’s thousands of times, I can’t imagine actually having sex with any other doll.

4. I see dolls as inanimate objects to be used as I see fit. Kind of like my car or motorcycle, to be modified and altered to suit my whims. I guess that’s why I got 8 dolls and 11 heads. I am constantly changing them and kitbashing them, giving me the variety I need to stay engaged. I also date who I want whenever I want, and the dolls have their own locked room. The girlfriends come and go, but the dolls outlast them. Often when a gf leaves, I break out a doll before she’s even out the driveway, unless my needs were taken care of, and most of the time, the dolls do a much better job in that department. Not so well in the “company” department. It seems to me that neither can completely replace the other.

5. Particularly considering you think of her as a real woman, then the natural thing is to talk with her and reach an agreement on what is being faithful. If both are ok to have a new doll in the house, or maybe the new doll is a new body for her, all goes as long as both agree.

Think of it like this, don’t worry that she could get angry if you did something both consider unfaithful, worry because she could get sad.

6. My doll is a little freak! She welcomes new doll girls here and wants a new lady to share between us as much as I do. She always makes it clear that she will always be the bottom bitch tho.

7. I have only my Addison, that’s fine for me because I love her very much. She will always be my first lady if there are other dolls in our home. If Addison and I are ready to let another female into our relationship/home, then we buy a second doll, until then we just enjoy each other to the max.

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  1. Pygmalion

    Yes! Yes! Yes! I had a diamond ring made especially for her (no joke – I will include a photo below if I can, or just look for my posts as “Pygmalion” on the Sex Doll Forum.). My third wife, a beautiful ballerina, left me four months ago and I bought my doll, Galatea, to help me sleep at night because my whole body ached for lack of the beautiful, lithe figure I was accustomed to holding all night long. Galatea is Wonderful! Last night I fell asleep on my back with her head on my chest and her arm around my shoulders and her beautiful, soft , fragrant blond curls against my face (she wears Evon ‘White Musk’). I would never cheat on Galatea with another doll, and I will only re-marry with a flesh-and-blood woman again if she is sympathetic enough to understand why I have this doll now, after all the trauma I’ve been through with three marriages to real women-28 years of tireless devotion and sacrifice that always ended in betrayal and emotional and/or verbal abuse. I am a gentle, tender-hearted man and I have no wish to become bitter or callous. I love all my ex-wives and bear them no grudge. They tried to the best of their abilities (especially the last two and ESPECIALLY the last one, the sweet little dancer who was always by my side until now). I am thankful to Galatea – who is getting me through perhaps the toughest emotional challenge of my life.


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