1. No, I have never experienced stains caused by heating, but in winter, I once again heat my doll before heating the clothes… I have never heated the doll on the clothes.

2. Yes, but not from the heating blanket. My doll is dressed in the sun. If she is wearing typical dark/gothic clothes and thinks that there will be no problem in direct sunlight for 5 or 10 minutes. She heats up very quickly, and the top is indeed dirty that’s the area where the sun really shines.

3. If I’m heating up the doll, she doesn’t need clothes

4. Yes, this sadly happened to my Erica. Her nightgown had never soiled her before, but I took it out of the dryer and put it on her, which caused The fabric bleeds on the belt. I was so scared that it might happen again, so much so that she hasn’t worn it again since then, which is very attractive and one of my favorites.

5. This staining problem can be avoided by wearing white clothes or natural-colored tights on the legs, and then wearing dark clothes

6. So far, all reported problems are related to the dye in the clothes, not to the doll itself. The dye may be dissolved by the oil (mineral oil, etc.) in the TPE, or it may just be an excessive amount of dye commonly found in new clothes (which also leaves stains on people).

If you wash your clothes first, and under certain conditions (hot water will not damage the material, etc.) will help release excess dye, then this may help minimize future problems (if not excess dye, and will not stop them, but oil-soluble dyes). Make sure to wash the different colors separately, otherwise, they may exchange dyes.

Similarly, some materials cannot retain dyes like others (synthetic materials are usually easier to remove dyes than cotton, linen, etc.).

Some materials (and dyes) also have a “fixing” process that can help them stay in the fabric better, which the fabric or clothing manufacturer may not be able to do (they may be in different places, but both are more concerned about not spending money directly related to making and selling cloth, rather than whether it will cause any problems for consumers in the future).

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