1. Before Shione arrived, I had no interest in shooting anything. I took the first photo to record her arrival and found that I like to take those photos. When taking photos with a phone camera, my photos are very amateur. I am very happy to pose for the doll, take a bunch of photos and see what I can get.

So, why share my amateur photos while so many people are doing beautiful and professional work?

Well, sharing them first makes me feel like a part of this wonderful doll community.

Secondly, I like Shione. I think anyone who likes their stuff wants to share it, whether it’s a doll, a car, a guitar, whatever you like, and like to show it to others naturally, I am proud of my doll, I Want to prove it.

Third, when I am out, I can look at her pictures when I am depressed.

Finally posting photos is very useful to help others seek to buy dolls. Before deciding which doll I want, I spent hours researching people’s doll photos.

Yes, my photos are very amateur, but if you look at these photos, I would like to see a guy playing with his favorite doll. It is worth taking pictures and sharing.

2. Of course, I still don’t know Jack shit’s knowledge about photography, but when I see photography, I know its beauty. And I will continue to work hard to capture it.

I also think that taking pictures is a place where our girls have a chance to live. At that moment of capture, they are on an equal footing with those models who walk, talk, and breathe.

I like to believe that they are grateful for those moments.

3. In the 80s or 90s in Las Vegas, there was a time when they used real-time models in their display windows. When I often come here as a visitor. Although I like and love the shooting of mannequins, the shooting of dolls is very enjoyable and amazing. As owners, we know the effort and effort required to transport them from an immovable object. This is the goal of a novice toddler that we can take for granted or not fully understand.

4. Because I like the art of beautiful women, now that I have all the beautiful dolls available, I can create them myself.

Thanks to this TDF platform, we can share our lovely girls and our artworks, which inspired me to do more. Even if the doll is not released, I will still do what I will do

5. For Jenny and I, it has to do with the bond we build through Sprouts. Like Broven, we often lead to the bedroom. I like to take photos with us and share them here. This is very interesting, and because my work is very technical, taking photos can make my creative face more vivid. Together, our photos make this relationship more real in my mind, especially the posture of those natural partners among us.

6. Before buying a doll, I was never interested in photography. But once I got Anna, photography was the best way for me to share her with the world. For me, the added benefit is that I think

I have never been as close to her as I did when shooting. Indeed, this may be a very private matter.

7. The reason why I use dolls for photos is the same as the reason why I use cats for photos. Therefore, I can store the pictures on my smartphone and view them occasionally when I am not at home.

8. 40 to 45 years ago, I did photography when I was young. Stay away from it, so I am happy to return to it when I retire. When I first thought about buying a doll, photography was one of my motivations. I found it very interesting and it established a connection between Hiyoko and me. Just like we do cooperate in taking photos.

9. I want to keep a visual record of Hadleigh’s clothing and makeup so that I can look back on her previous look even when I want to wear new clothes. In addition, it reduces the possibility of reordering items already in the wardrobe.

10. The photography challenge involved me. I am deeply impressed by the high-level photographers who enter every month.

I don’t know anything about photography or Photoshop, so I need to overcome many difficulties. What a challenge. Wanting to win is so bad, it makes everything so interesting. In addition, it helped me discover my creativity. I have been thinking.

11. Looking at photos is a good way to remember the past, and its vividness is much better than you want to remember. When I look at the photos of Kanna (or Asami) I have taken in the past, it reminds me of the day when the photos were taken and how I felt at the time and helps to bring some of them into the present. In addition, since I like to look at her in different clothes and different poses, taking pictures is a way to maintain my ability to wear her clothes before without having to dress her up again. This may also give me new ideas on how to dress her in the future.

In addition, when I am not at home, I can see the impact of their presence on me by looking at the photos. Their presence makes me feel more balanced, even if they are not as strong as putting them next to me, looking at the photos can also play this role. I also hope to share some of these photos with you.

Of course, if it turns out that I can no longer keep them. These pictures will help me look back on the past and the feeling of living with them. What surprised me was how happy I was in front of them.

For me, these photos have nothing to do with desire or sex.

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