1. I choose a girl I like because they are named after the woman I see on TV. Without going into too much detail, they are all named after the models I have seen and obsessed with on TV here and there. Although only one option can be selected, I cannot select all applicable options. When I first held them, honey and sweethearts sometimes came out. However, when we are full of passion, we may say derogatory names. I guess it didn’t really belittle anything, but neither did sweetheart. They knew I was not being rude, it was just nonsense.

2. I just choose the name I like. My first doll was called Eve. Kinda obviously has a reason. My other lady is Lucinda. I like the name, and a song I like by Tom Waits.

3. My little dear’s name is Misaki Tendo. She is an anime girl (from an anime world similar to Japan but not Japan), so I need to find a suitable Japanese name for her. I have always liked the Japanese lady’s name “Misa”, but this is too common. On the other hand, Misaki is not common. The name Misaki means “Beautiful Bloom” and I like it very much.
Her last name “Tendo” comes from a character named Akane Tendo on the show Ranma 1/2. She is a powerful character and her main hobby of acting.

4. None of the polling choices suit my situation. Every doll I saw was of different sizes. When I saw them, their names suddenly appeared in my mind without any prior thinking. My main lady is Jyoti, my WM 125cm, Suzy, my Asian model, and Jhipri and Ji Woo. My 1/3 grade BJD. Then there are Lia, Jane, Yoman, JuJu, Lil’El, Erich, and Hanz, their ratio is 1/6.

5. I was actually thinking about this topic last night. My first doll is coming soon, and I have been thinking about how to call her. Initially, I will name it after one of my favorite porn stars, Kendra or Brandi. But I began to tend to call her Alexis or Alexa. I guess when she can get her, I can see her flesh, it can be said to help me make a decision.

6. I had my first doll, so I chose a name that I like and think suits her. When I got the second doll, I would never be able to determine the name, so she never really got a name. Now, my third doll is an updated version of the “first” doll, so she inherited the name Kelly from the first doll I no longer own.

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