1. Two things-neither is very important, it depends on how you operate.

1) If you have a goatee or stubble, you will poke tiny marks on her face, and eventually you will see clearly and can retain the bacteria.

2) Your mouth is much dirtier than you think. If you spend a lot of time or excessively “wet” the kiss, you basically load bacteria into a dark, cool, and narrow space to breed mold.

The first point is very common. If your facial hair is short, chances are that the woman said something about itching. The same is true for TPE gal. The second point, you need to understand but don’t worry too much, just remember it and check it from time to time, otherwise, you will end up kissing your own mold. I have kissed every doll I ever owned, and small acne marks are always more important than mold, because there is never mold.

2. It says “please try not to kiss” instead of “don’t kiss”. Due to bacterial issues, it is recommended not to do this. If you need to kiss, you can always get a hybrid: TPE body with a silicone head. WM does provide this, and there are other brands.

3. Jennifer and I have been together for more than two years. Whenever I leave home or go home (between two times), I will give her a kiss. Apart from kissing (over time) makeup, there is no problem anymore. As I said here before… “Make-up, kiss. Repeat.” Remind you, I just give her a quick peck, no tongue. As others have already said, moisture and stubble are enemies. Oh, please make sure to remove the residual chemical release agent in the factory before performing the operation.

4. I just got an answer from the silicone enthusiast who sold me Ariel. This is their response to my concern: “Don’t worry, it’s just that the manufacturer is too cautious about damage. Note that if you kiss your lips or suck nipples etc.

I want to say that 98% of the guys kiss their dolls without any problems.

5. Shelby has been with me for more than two years. We usually get together almost every night. This kind of intimacy almost requires frequent kisses. We are not too enthusiastic about this, I will try to keep them dry. About once a week (well, it’s actually more like I remember to do this!), I wet a 2×2 gauze pad with hydrogen peroxide, and then wipe her mouth and lips. Shelby’s teeth showed a clear smile, so I often check her mouth and redo it in white because it was kissed quickly, so far, I have never seen any signs of mold or deterioration.

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