1. If her smell is too strong, it may mess up my sleep quality and/or wake me up.

2. Not her smell, but her presence next to me. Whether it’s the backrest or the spoon, you can feel her figure is really good.

3. I like the smell of TPE now. I like it better than any perfume or feminine hygiene product. Probably because I associate it with countless dolls’ time. I like dolls also because I can perceive them, even when I don’t hug them with a huge spoon or stroke their ass and breasts undercover. I just like knowing that they are right next to me.

4. I can’t sleep with any of mine. There is no more room in the bed for the wife and puppies. But I like the taste of a new WM doll. I also use lavender powder. But unfortunately, after a while, they did lose the “TPE smell”.

5. I slept better with a doll. If I flip my nose under her chin, my old-fashioned candy Amy will still smell a bit rubbery, so I think the answer is no. I still need a doll to sleep soundly.

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