1. Not sure about the safe way to remove super glue. Eyelash glue is very temporary. I certainly don’t want to use super glue. I chose 3D-printed eyelids, with the ashes attached to them, which eliminated the worry of glue accumulation and possible eye damage to TPE.

2. Smearing with a toothpick often helps to eliminate over-smearing. However, I am not sure about the safe way to remove super glue from eyelashes.

3. The cyanoacrylate/CA/superglue becomes a crystalline structure once cured. Therefore, like any other crystal, its bending is relatively weak, especially at lower temperatures. This means that if the material used is much more flexible than it, it is possible to cool it and then bend it to peel off the CA.

I don’t know if any of the listed solvents are safe on the TPE face (or the eyelashes themselves), so you need to test on another piece of TPE instead of the doll itself. If there is a plug in the mouth of the doll’s head, you can remove it and test it, and use the same type of eyelashes you have used as a spare. If there is no stopper, but you are not using the oral function, you can cut a part of the TPE inside the tube and test it. (The TPE on the body may be different from the TPE on the head, *and *different heads may have different TPEs, so you should test a piece from the head itself rather than any other head or body).

4. Put in baby oil, and then gently scrape off the glue with tweezers.

5. It is strongly recommended to use magnetic eyelashes. Just apply eyeliner with metallic particles. The eyelashes have a magnetic strip attached to the eyes. Say goodbye to crusty eyes.

6. I tried eyelash glue and Elmer glue, but they are so easy to fall off, that I can no longer maintain them. I finally tried the super glue, but I used the GEL type instead of the liquid type. good results! I cannot emphasize that gel is much easier than liquid super glue. big difference. I use a toothpick to apply it gradually and very carefully, letting it dry between the parts. I think I did 4 or 5 parts per eyelash. It took a few hours, but it was worth it. They look great and are in good condition. As for removing old superglue, I started with warm water and some baby oil. I find that it is best to “pinch” the dried glue to break it into small pieces. After that, it is easy to implement.

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