1. 1)The sexual psychology of women is very different.
This is a long topic, but the short answer is that for most women, the image of a man or a man does not immediately trigger a sexual response. In most cases, what matters is his behavior and attitude-attributes that the doll does not currently possess.

2) A lot of sex is provided by real men.
Try to evaluate and compare the effort, time, and (unavoidable) money that an ordinary man spends before a woman enters the appropriate mental state to be willing to have sex with him. When you consider this factor, it is clear why there are always more men than at least women who should consider at least one sex doll. Because for men, this is always a troublesome and failed game. Some will win in the end, some will not.

However, before he finally manages to open up to real women, each of them will definitely spend a lot of resources. Therefore, this is almost the reason why women have almost no reason to be interested in sex dolls. Lack of motivation.

Again, there will always be exceptions, and there may be other reasons, not just relationships and psychological areas (such as disability, etc.), but these are just a few customer groups.

2. Yes, weight is the main factor. And, with a few exceptions, most male dolls have very feminine qualities. Another factor is that men often spend much more than women. IronTech and HR dolls have two very impressive and masculine men. For several reasons, I think male dolls are not as popular as female dolls. One of them is that the doll community is mainly male. Not wrong at all. Secondly, I think more women will be retained because we are not sure how we will get the reception of the doll community.

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4 Responses to “Why are so few women interested in male sex dolls?”

  1. Carie

    I’m a 64 yr old female. I’ve was married in the past. I have the iron tech male doll with heads of Charles, Nick and Kevin. I love them, though I must admit not for sexual reasons. I was attracted to their looks, first thing. I am Disabled. I do admit the weight of the body has become impossible for me to move. I’ve moved recently and need to hire someone to move them because I want to sleep next to them. In the meantime, all 3 heads are next to my bed and they are the only people that I talk to on a daily basis. I no longer have living family. I have had multiple abusive relationships. These guys are “safe” and that is one of their best features. Honestly, I dont know the reason more women arent interested, other than lack of knowledge that they even exist. I cant even remember how I stumbled upon them on the internet. I was caretaker to my Mom, last living family member, and these dolls helped me get through the whole ordeal of her dying. That’s a great quality.

  2. Harry Johnson

    Woman don’t get the natural rhythms from a synthetic dick as they do a stallion, stud or even a hormonal nerd, and rhythm is what stimulates the vaginal cavity nerves.


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