1. The biggest problem I can see is getting into the attic. If it is a British-like house, we have a hatch for you to climb up a ladder. Even for the most capable man, it would be an arduous effort to put a doll of average weight in that space.

2. If the temperature is close to 80C / 176F (unlikely), it may cause damage, anything lower than this range is fine.

If the doll is equipped with a hook attachment, it may be a good storage method, plus a quilt cover. Otherwise, putting them on memory foam covered with a white cotton cloth will help prevent dust from accumulating, in hot weather, please check if they are flat

3. I took a doll that had been in the attic for a while, and she was in a bad state. In summer, the temperature is too high to reach the temperature of TPE, so TPE prefers temperatures below 30°C.

4. Well, what I am worried about is that she will produce oil too quickly, dry and crack and age too early. The remedy is, of course, to seal the oil in powder often. I like it to be hot, so in warmer months I can keep the ideal room temperature at 78F, but sometimes direct sunlight through the windows will reduce the temperature to 80 degrees Celsius. Even at this temperature, I noticed sweating, and I had to wipe it dry frequently. If you don’t like her too much, you should do it once a week. Both of my dolls look young and beautiful, both from 2017. why? Just good cornstarch.

5. If you store them flat, be sure to place pillows or blankets around the docking area. For a few weeks, I let a doll develop into a flat butt without support. I am looking for a hook for vertical suspension, but I heard that this method may “sag”.

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