1. It actually depends on usage, climate, storage conditions, etc. Silicone requires much less maintenance than TPE, although you need the facts.

Yes, they work, yes, they do need care. They are not plug-and-play items. But they are not necessarily time-consuming and labor-intensive.

2. For my big TPE doll, I do thoroughly clean and oil every second or third month. Washing in the shower takes 10 to 15 minutes. Put it on the bed and let the aquarium pump dry the cavity for about 3 hours. It may take 20 minutes to wipe off the last dirt with oil, depending on how dirty it is. Then it takes a few minutes to add a completely clean oil layer for absorption, and it takes about a day. After drying, powdering may take 15-20 minutes. finished!

Therefore, for maintenance, the entire activity takes about an hour due to drying and absorption, while the “downtime” of the doll is about 24 hours. However, I am not in a hurry, so I believe you can finish it faster. My doll is only 4 years old, so it is an older TPE mixture and needs more attention.

As for the time required for repairs, re-makeup, wig care, and quick cleaning after playing, there are huge differences.

3. There are many variables that affect the actual maintenance requirements and the time required to complete the maintenance. I like doll ownership, so I tend to spend some time.

Schedule the time wisely and I will clean the doll (TPE) as needed. For me, a full sponge bath maybe once a month, which takes about an hour to calculate the time to undress, collect my supplies, and dry her. Then, after another half an hour, dust her with cornstarch, then dress her and dress her up.

If it’s time to wipe with baby oil, I will do the grinding first. Approximately every 3 to 4 months. It only takes about half an hour, but it takes a while to absorb the oil, so I usually just let her sit all night, and then powder her and wear powder.

For me, daily maintenance is equivalent to combing her hair, straightening her clothes, and doing local cleansing. I also occasionally use petroleum jelly to treat stressful areas, and that’s it.

4. If you have retired and no longer work like me, then the work of doll care and maintenance will add a sense of permission to your life. I currently have 13 complete TPE dolls and the 14th is ordered in order, so there are many things to keep me busy, although my new gals doll does not need to be treated with baby oil as frequently as my old gals doll ( For them, it takes 2-3 months, and 5-6 months (for newer products), it is a pity that it is fun! Even if you do not do a lot of work, it is difficult to wash a beautiful woman Clothes and oiling work are described as trivial! There will inevitably be some rest time, so the washing day is something I look forward to of course!

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