1. The benzoyl peroxide in acne cream can also safely remove stains. My brother Larry wears a flesh-colored nylon wig cap to prevent it from getting dirty. His hair is also very dark and his entire scalp is stained badly.

2. You can try mineral (baby) oil with some cotton pads, but for me, it is not 100% useful. It is still there. As time goes by, it will become less and less visible. I guess the color pigment will dissolve/diffuse deeper in the TPE structure. It is almost impossible to retrieve it.

This is the same as the stain on black clothes. This is the curse of TPE. I hate to wash all black things six times with detergent with a bleaching effect. Please avoid contact with black or colored fabrics before appropriate overtreatment.

3. Be careful with benzoyl peroxide, it will leave very bad marks on some dolls, which look like purple or brown birthmark marks. Some wigs have brown or flesh-colored webbing inside instead of black, so you can also use several wig caps. You can also try immersing the wig in water to get some dye out of the webbing and then let it dry.

4. The easiest way to avoid this is-do not to use a wig with a black hat or a black elastic band on the TPE doll.

5. You can also use TPE stain remover to remove stains.

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