1. The idea of ​​oiling the sex dolls on the first day is to remove any residue from the factory. According to my limited understanding, failure to do so may result in staining. I don’t remember all the details. When I got Jenny, she got plenty of oil and cleansing, then powder. You should not oil your doll every 3 or 4 months, and never oil it every week. Too much oil will cause the TPE to be too soft and cause tearing. Wash with a light sponge bath once a week to remove all dirt. Although some dolls will never be oiled, please read carefully the instructions she attached.

The others here know more than I do and have a lot of information related to this, you can use the search box to help them.

2. I used to think that there is no need to oil the new doll, but my thinking about it changed.

Although they don’t need actual oil, the cleaning method with oil and credit card scraping (remember, your idea is not to absorb the oil to condition the body, but to use the oil for cleaning purposes) can remove an astonishing amount of dirt. Yes, the new doll was very dirty when it was made. Try it, and you will be surprised how much dust a new doll falls.

Of course, the use of powder treatment can make the surface of the TPE silky smooth and realistic.

After the initial release, I dusted the powder every month, deep cleansed, oiled and dusted every quarter. There is no feat of four chicks, haha.

3. When she arrived, I just washed the doll a few times to remove all the dirt in the factory, and then lightly dusted it with cornstarch to make her silky smooth. Wait a month before doing the first baby oil scrub, and then scrub every 3 to 4 months. After 2 years, her condition has been very good. Soft and supple, not even more than the day she arrived.

4. Yes, only when she feels slimy, gelatinize the starch to get a better softness and help her dress more easily.

If you have TPE, oil her only when she gets dirty, because baby oil will remove all the nasty little black gelatinous things from her.

At first, I was a novice, but now I am paranoid, but now, I have not had an oil well for the past four months, and she is in pretty good condition.

I just celebrated our first year together, and since then, I have got 3 other dolls, but still not oiled.

Only use oil (without makeup) when cleaning the doll.

5. Many manufacturers have introduced new TPEs, but each doll is different. From the first day, many people follow the Indigo20 guide and everything is fine.
Others don’t follow it and guess what they are doing well.

Most importantly, absolutely not!
Some people repeat the doll all day.

His reasons for suggesting oil and powder on the first day are very solid.
He invented a product that removes stains, not just a product that conceals stains.

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