1. It’s like that feeling without using a hand. Fleshlight if you haven’t tried.
The fixed option would be a nicer option for realism and effect. But people seem to go for removable for convenience. Fixed isn’t too bad, depending on canal type, silicone-like zone doll has a tunnel rib type which can be easily clean if fixed with a cotton cloth thin(reuseable 10pk at .99c store) use a thin dowel cloth applied to roll and clean out easily, insert paper towel, easily. While TPE is softer, probably a better option if you want sex, I do like silicone for the realistic art appeal they have. While my 6YE brand has a caved-in squish type of canal in which a cleaning method you would need to stick a finger or 2 to the end of the canal to clean properly, has a lot of nubs, much different design, rather nice I suppose.

2. Not quite like the real thing, but still very good, and in different ways. The doll is not doing any of the work though, that’s all up to you. But you have full freedom to do whatever you want with her, and she can look and be dressed however you want as well. Always accessible and willing. It’s really up to your own imagination. Many initially buy these dolls just for sex, but which often evolve into many different interests and activities like photography, cosplay, creative modifications, more personal attachment, or just enjoying having a cute/sexy doll sitting or standing around in their home. They can really be so much more than just a big fleshlight. It’s different for everyone.

3. I think it depends a lot on you. Your personality and tastes. I’ve heard some people find it very off-putting, like banging a corpse. But personally, I don’t think so at all, I think it’s great in its own way. It also depends on how used you are to dolls and other toys. I worked my way up slowly from fleshlights then a plush doll to house the fleshlight in and then full-size dolls. If you go straight to sex dolls without having owned any toys before it might be a bit jarring at first.

4. My first step was to buy an insert to try out, then move up to the full doll. Sex can be awkward at first but once you learn how to position her it can be very good. It is not “just like the real thing” but at its best gets closer than any other doll I have had. However, dolls are not just about sex so if you have never previously owned a doll and you’re thinking of getting an expensive one then be aware that it’s a big step to take. Some people get freaked out and can’t keep the doll for long.

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