1. The first rule of Doll-World is… you never talk about Doll-World. For me, the only place I talk about my Doll-World is right here with peeps that “Get IT”

2. I have not yet and I don’t plan to tell anyone, but sometimes I wish I could, so I didn’t always feel like I was carrying a dirty little secret around. It’s not that bad though. :p Generally, people, even close friends (at least in my case) just wouldn’t “Get IT.”

3. Everyone around me always knew of my doll or dolls. I don’t care to hide my lifestyle. If people don’t like it, then fuck them.

None of my friends or family has a problem with it though, so that is good. They are quite curious actually.

4. Nope, and I probably never will. I feel no need to tell anyone about it. As others have mentioned, most people simply wouldn’t get it anyway. I am also not a very social person, so I can have my dolls flexing around in my apartment without worrying about uninvited guests.

This forum is the only place where I talk about it, and it’s more than enough for me.

5. I’ve told a friend about it only because he was having trouble keeping a girlfriend. His reaction was like he would rather die alone than be with a doll, his exact words were “I would never get caught fucking a piece of plastic”. I just looked at him cause as much as he bitched about not finding a girl, I provided the best solution other than paying for a stripper. My girlfriend/cohabitant knows……even though she finds it weird, she’s getting more and more curious each time I tell her its own way.

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