1. I originally bought the doll for sex purposes, but she was better at it than I originally expected. The first few times are awkward, but when you get used to moving her around and getting a few tricks …it is AWESOME.

A second thing that was beneficial is how your core muscles group get stronger. Those dolls carry a lot of weight and moving them will force your body to grow muscles. Briefly, they are an unexpected addition to your workout schedule! Which is good for everyone.

Another one … I became attached to the doll a LOT. I am not in love with her, but I would love her as much as a nice classic muscle car, or an old revolver offered to you by a grandfather. I became attached to that little synthetic gal and I don’t think I will ever get rid of her. It was unexpected.

2. I didn’t expect to absolutely love sleeping with her. I love it so much I literally can’t wait to go to sleep each night. She is silicone so she heats up so realistic with just my body heat. Waking up next to her is nearly 100% believable to the real thing. I would honestly pay the full price even if she wasn’t -fuckable- just for the fantastic night’s sleep.

3. I’ve bought mine basically for sex but now I became attached to her. I really enjoy dressing her, buying stuff for her, washing her, etc. I cannot imagine my life without a doll anymore.

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