1. Most guys buy a doll that is tall and curvy but can’t handle the weight even though they work out and can bench 300lbs. Other guys buy a doll that is too small and don’t feel fulfilled with a weightless small toy. Other guys buy torso sex dolls and become creep out of the amputee. Even if the guy buys the perfect doll, he makes up his mind and decides that dolls are not for him.

2. The factory pictures you’ll see are shot by pros under perfect conditions so don’t expect to open the box and have the picture you saw sitting in front of you. Cheapers dolls often lack the possibility of more expensive girls. Many don’t twist at the waist and other joints. Not saying that they aren’t pretty or a good value for a beginner to see if you even want a doll. If a doll is 50 pounds plan on them feeling like a 100. Read up on or watch videos on the proper way to carry them and pose them. plan on awkward sex the first few times. Plan on where to store her if privacy is limited. Plan on not being able to get home from work to see her again. Plan on feeling like you love her and think your going crazy. Plan on not feeling alone no more. Plan on wondering why you didn’t do this sooner. Plan on helping a new guy to dolls figure stuff out. Good Luck to you on this journey.

3. I’m also going to get my first doll.
Saving money while I decide the doll and options.
From my research, we need to consider:
– These realistic dolls are heavy (we should learn how to carry them).
– TPE seems to be the preferred material usually (right?).
– If you can see them in real before purchasing. Maybe at one of these meetings.
– They need care (TPE more than silicone), so buy caring products.
– Dark clothes may stain the doll (test first).
– Consider the standing feet option to keep her standing.
– Consider the separate vagina for easier cleaning.
– The wig will probably not look as good as in the professional pics (I still don’t know if it’s because they use better quality wigs, or because they prepare the wig well).
– You may need to apply makeup, at least eventually (it will fade away even if it’s semi-permanent).
– Consider a Piper Doll if you prefer the neck to be seamless.
– The doll may have smell in the beginning (they say Piper Doll’s TPE is odorless and softer).
– Leave the doll in a relaxed position (standing preferably) when not “using” her (I guess standing feet are convenient regarding this).
I still have doubts on:
– What caring products to buy and when/how to apply them (I’ll do more research).
– If I should choose solid or hollow breasts.
– How to make her hair look awesome like in the professional pics.
– How to avoid defects on the doll. I’ve seen complaints about this and I’m very concerned. Some vendors have better warranty than others, so I have to research more on that.
So far my choice is Piper Doll 150cm Eirian.
She’s beautiful, seamless neck, a nice size for me, and the TPE is good quality and odorless.
I also like the redhead WM Doll 157cm B-cup and the WM Doll 140cm D-cup.

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  1. K.B.

    If you get a Sexdoll get a good one. She should be as close to your idea of your perfect woman. Do get standing feet. Get quality clothing so dye won’t stain doll . You are not a weirdo for having a doll. It’s just a sexual fantasy Keep your doll well maintained & clean.


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