1. Apparently, you aren’t looking at the right doll companies.

2. There are dolls out there. WM 161D, WM 168E, Irontech 168, 6YE 164D just to name some off the top of my head. For me, realistic for a doll is 85-90cm bust, minimum 60cm waist, and 85-90 hip, minimum 50cm thigh circumference, 32cm calf circumference, floor to crotch equal to crotch to the top of the head. All these dolls are in the 36-40kg weight.

3. There are plenty of newer dolls that represent lots of ‘normal’ girls today. Check out more companies; you didn’t look hard enough or in the right places.

4. I agree with you that dolls with normal proportions would be great but for me, it’s the weight that becomes the issue. I wouldn’t want a doll much over 75lbs. I think you need to let your imagination and carefully placed clothing make up for some of the unrealistic waist and arm sizes.

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