1. My first gal, a YL148 TPE doll, will be 2 years old this October. She has had to put up with my regular and frequent attention, sometimes several times a day. She’s still looking good with just one finger wire that has broken from the palm plate but you can’t tell by looking and her right elbow joint is a bit loose, aside from that she’s great but and this is an important but! I do use a femidom with her and I’m sure that if I hadn’t done that then her lady parts would not have coped as well as they have. With a femidom, you don’t need to wash out but just take it out and rinse it in the sink and let it dry. My gal is a built-in as I didn’t fancy the insert type so early on I decided to use femidoms as it was clear that if my gal got regular attention then all that washing her out would degrade the TPE material in her lady parts. If you only used her a few times a week then maybe it wouldn’t be such an issue.

2. ORdoll TPE, coming up on 6 months, a bit of damage but most of it is my fault, the butthole is ripped a bit but the vag with removable insert is just fine. You could insert a fleshlight sleeve, but goop would just run out the end of it, and a full fleshlight case wouldn’t fit inside without damaging the doll. I don’t see any reason why my gal won’t last at least a couple of years.

3. WM doll TPE, had her a little over a year now and still in good shape. I have sex with her about once a month so her holes have not been overused. The skin around her armpits, fingers, and toes shows some wear. Skeleton is still in great shape, she’s easy to pose and stand. Finger wires are all broken, but that seems to be normal (no wire pokes though). You’ll see a lot of different advice/opinions on caring for a doll, and it seems that can have a big impact on how well a doll holds up over time. Since mine is TPE, I do baby oil treatments, started out doing once a month but now I only do it every 2-3 months. Powdering tends to be weekly.

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