1. TPE dolls are very nice for 1/3 the price so there are many more buyers for TPE = more product demand.

Silicone dolls are more expensive and have less demand, therefore, less variety, similar to Ferrari or any high-end product.

I think as dolls evolve silicone will become more affordable and variety will improve as will TPE.

2. Silicone dolls are not lagging behind.
Sinodoll, the best sex doll by far.
DS 158 and 160 are very good.
Silicone has advantages which I have detailed on another thread. Advantages by far.

3. I am encouraged by the advances in silicone skin texture and softness. Other than the seemingly unavoidable difference in the price of the base material which renders the silicone dolls more expensive, many of the other advantages that TPE offered seem to be eroding.

No matter what your preference, we should all be pleased with the improvements in skeletal quality and the almost unfathomable variety of sizes and shapes offered today.
So, when a silicone doll with a ball joint skeleton (with push-button lockable joints), a face as beautiful as the best WM has to offer, the height of around 62”, nice D or DD bust and weight at or below 60 pounds appears in the sub-$2500 category, I’ll be VERY interested.
“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one”

4. Silicone needs to catch up on face and body style selection for sure. I am waiting for that to happen as well. On the whole, they are still better-made dolls in my opinion from what I have seen and experienced first hand.

Even if I had the money, I don’t know that I would go for a Realdoll mostly because they can’t stand on their own.

Sanhui can be a pain in the ass because their communication skills are a bit lax at times. But they make nice dolls at decent prices.

5. TPE material needs to be way more maintainable than it is right now. The tears, the powdering, the posture, too much work.

6. I initially wanted a Realdoll – now I don’t.
They just don’t make their dolls thick enough for my taste and have pretty much openly stated on their website they cannot make dolls heavier than 35kg as such a doll would be almost impossible to manoeuvre.

7. I want silicone but there isn’t much to choose from, especially since I’m not willing to spend over 4k. I’m deciding between Sino 161cm or a TPE doll from YL or WM. The TE dolls are more attractive but I dread the inevitable rips and the annoying repairs.

A rep from Sino said that their first series will be between 5 and 7 dolls. I don’t know what their next 2,3 or 4 dolls will look like. I want to buy a doll now, but I wonder if I should wait and see if the next Sino dolls will be better.

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