1. Everything depends on price and time… Over the years, I have seen the price of TPE dolls go down, but there are more and more technology dolls in RealDoll and dolls with other technologies in Platinum This may not happen. You will not see a price drop for silicone wire, but it is likely to increase. The new RealDolls with interactive heads start at about $15,000, and since each of these dolls are custom dolls, they are not mass-produced, so the price will remain high, and platinum silicone resin is easier to use than tin at the time The bones of each doll are assembled by hand, with foam castings on the arms, legs and upper body, so the process is very time-consuming.

In contrast, your TPE doll skeleton is also assembled by hand, but because TPE is a hot casting process, you only need a metal frame to assemble and paste it into the mold. In addition, compared to platinum silicone resin, TPE is cheaper…I once checked the price chart but couldn’t find it.
So yes, the price of TPE dolls will continue to fall, but your real high-end dolls will not.

2. I don’t want the price to continue to fall more, I think the profit margin is already very low. If we want the quality to be maintained at a reasonable level. I don’t think we should provide support for full-size real dolls under $1,000. I don’t want manufacturers to take shortcuts or use any cheap materials and methods.

I am happy to pay $1500 +/- for a decent full-size doll. For less than $1,000, I began to worry about what I would get. I would rather see the price stay the same, or even increase slightly, if that means we can start to see that certain things in the joints (especially the phalanx, hands and feet) need long-term improvement. I’m already thinking about buying another TPE or saving $5,000 for a real silicone girl.

3. The price will be yo-yo. Materials, labor, competition, tariffs, upgrades, inflation, automation.

My first doll is WM140A. The new Black Friday in 2016 is about $1,600. This was the cheapest at the time. Now, her daily income is $1350. However, all the dolls I currently like are even selling for $1700+. I think this may be a sticky price point for mid-range dolls with an inflation rate of 2-4% over a period of time.

This may jump when innovative products such as hand upgrades enter the market. Then, it may shrink with ventilation.

4. I haven’t really noticed a sharp drop in prices in the past 5 years or so. TPE makes dolls cheaper, but because of completely different materials and manufacturing, they are a separate market from silicone. The price of top TPE dolls and low-end silicones is about 2200 US dollars, but so far, I have not really seen any direct competition between the two between 2500-3000 US dollars. Moreover, the price of branded TPE dolls will not be less than about $1,200, which is where we have dirty copies and unnamed markets on Ali.

I don’t know the high-end market for dolls over 4,500 dollars. Obviously, they at least sold enough money to continue doing their own thing. I kind of think of them as apples for dolls, haha, like I can hardly imagine what I would even spend at that level, unless of course it is a robot.

5. I hope that the price of high-quality and realistic dolls will remain high. This is not only the material, but also the labor required for customization. You can mass-produce the basics, but there will always be people who want customization options for reality or personalization.

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