1. Yes, TPE dolls will continue to drop in price but the real higher end dolls will not. I’ve seen the prices of TPE dolls dropping over the years. However, that’s probably not happening to dolls which have more and more tech inside real doll and others within the Platinum Silicone line. You will not see dropping in price but more than likely going up. The new real dolls with the interactive heads are starting around $15k plus and since each of these dolls are custom dolls they and are not mass-produced the price will stay high and while platinum silicone is easier to work with than tin was back in the day each dolls skeleton is hand-assembled with foam castings on the arms, legs and upper body so the process is very time-consuming.

In comparison, your TPE dolls skeletons are hand-assembled as well but because TPE is a hot pour process you just need a metal frame to assemble and stick into a mould. Plus TPE is cheaper when compared to platinum silicone.

2. I don’t expect the price to continue to go down much more because I hope the quality stays at some reasonably good level. I don’t think we should be in favour of sub $1000 for full-sized realistic dolls at all. I don’t want the manufacturers cutting anymore corners or using any cheaper materials and methods.

3. I expect prices to stay high on the highest quality and realistic dolls. It is not only the materials but the labour involved for customization. You can mass-produce the basics but there will always be people who want customization options for realism or personality.

4. The biggest reason for the price drop is usually competition. As more people get into this field, these companies will find a cheaper doll manufacturer to supply demand and make a profit. So, yes. As they become more mainstream, the standard doll will probably drop as a result of innovation. But the high-end dolls I doubt will drop to low for a while.

5. I think that the price of sex dolls will be much the same as for computers. The average price will not vary a whole lot, but the quality and features of sex dolls will continue to go up.

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