1. Yes, when interacting with dolls, weight is actually an important part of realism. Of course, you don’t have to be realistic, but there must be one thing. You just let go of the feeling of huddling, which is very important to me at least and can convince my brain that this is not just a hollow mannequin or an explosive doll.

For reference, I have a WM140 of ~30kg and an Ex Lite of ~8kg. I personally think that a doll can definitely be lighter than 30 kg and still provide a realistic experience, while 8 kg is just too light to be convincing in that department. At least for me, the sweet spot is about 22-24 kg. This is almost where the full-size silicone dolls with foam cores are nowadays, considering that its weight is one of its disadvantages compared to TPE a few years ago, which is pretty cool, but now the table has been turned over. (Click here to learn more about WM TPE Doll Weight Reduction.)

And as mentioned above, some areas (such as hips, thighs, tits, and stomach) still have to be filled in to make it interesting during sex/hugs. How much weight is added completely depends on the body type, and the big tit/butt variant will always be heavier. For most people, filling these areas with foam will not work. I can compare it again with my Ex Lite, which has an excellent shape, but foam is just the most lifeless and boring material you might think of in this type of area. Spanking really feels and sounds like spanking a cardboard box. I can’t even imagine how dull the plastic inside will be, lol.

I personally like the concept of detachable limbs, which is one of the few positive features of 6YE/HR. This is a good way to temporarily adjust the overall weight of the doll to make it easier to move, store, wear, maintain, etc. For many sexual positions, you don’t even need limbs at all. When sleeping, you can loosen your arms without hurting your fingers. As long as it can be properly closed, the seam can be easily covered. For manufacturers, this means that they have a modular platform that can be easily customized, upgraded, and used for dolls of different sizes. I hope this concept will be further developed in the future, and may have to appear when robotics begins to be implemented.

I like to choose. As long as the regular models still exist, I certainly don’t mind seeing some very lightweight models on the market. This is definitely a question of trade-offs, depending on what you want to do with the doll and whether you have physical limitations.

2. I think this is a good choice, but yes, I hope they will never give up all choices. Mine weighs about 60 pounds. Although it is not always easy to move, I like that it is not lightweight and can be used for hugging, etc.

3. As a pure sex doll, I don’t mind whether the arms and legs can also be separated, as long as there is no hard object in contact with me. Maybe on the upper arm and the lower quarter of the thigh. Of course, this does not work well for photographers. Where things are separated, you can add an optional lifting handle. The torso may still exceed half of its original weight. You can order torso sex dolls.

4. Ultra-light TPE is already possible, but the problem lies in commercial practice. This is actually a basic problem: more main material types mean more storage space waste and more research investment.

You can’t “lighten” the weight of TPE like magic, but you can find a lighter foundation. Then, you have to mix to get the right touch, the same curing quality, the right color, elasticity, heat resistance, etc. Basically, start over from scratch. This requires a lot of investment and testing.

Including illegal competition (including fraudulent companies trying to milk without conceptually offering anything) and general rules of “if the cost is higher than usual, there will be the usual amount of fakes”.

I am not saying that it will never happen, but it is very likely that whenever it happens, mistakes are likely to be made.

Most of the silicone brands on our website have already implemented weight loss technology, such as Starpery, Zelex, etc. But for TPE dolls, the weight loss technique is new. Currently, you can only add this weight loss option to Starpery and WM TPE sex dolls.

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