1. It depends on the material. Some manufacturers are more inert than others. But strictly speaking, you must be careful. And don’t think it can be left for 5 months just because it doesn’t respond within 5 minutes.

Generally, it is not recommended to mix TPE and Silicone.

2. I’m not sure which manufacturer will make the final choice. At present, the head and body of Sanhui and DS dolls are quite good. But not before winter. There is no money in a tree in my backyard.

It would be a pity if Silicone Gal would damage my TPE Yumiko just because of touching her or during the sweating doll time. I want to lie in bed when I sleep. TPE is the safest choice in my guess, but I want a silicone doll because it does not require much maintenance and can use silicone candy (lubricant toy inserts, etc.) on her, while my TPE Lady can’t do it. It seems that I need to decide whether I absolutely need to wrap both necks at the same time and then buy a second TPE doll, or just switch between them, carefully avoiding their bare skin touching each other.

Well, don’t worry, there is enough time to think about this.

3. I am not a gambler, if it is possible to react, I would really like to avoid this situation. Imagine that you are going out on a business trip on weekends, and you forgot to put your Sil + TPE dolls on top of each other when shooting… Then you come back and they melt into a strange mixed form.

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