1. I spend half of each month with my dolls, and when I am with my dolls I have sex with one of them at least once a day, sometimes twice. That’s a long way of saying about 15 to 20 times a month. If I could be with my dolls every day/night, it would be once a day.

2. I have no experience with silicone dolls. I have 6 gals, all TPE and my first thought on this is that there are so many factors and variables that can affect frequency but probably the most important thing in the early stages is if you start to bond with your gal or still see her as a thing. I say this as, from my own experience, it took a few weeks for me to feel relaxed with my first gal, so aside from being impressed with her, how great she looked and felt, etc, she hadn’t yet developed any kind of ‘personality’ in my head. However, after a few weeks of caring for her, dressing her, doing her hair, makeup, etc, then she became something more than just a doll. I can vividly remember something changing in my mind one night when I drifted off to sleep and woke up and in my half-awake state, she actually seemed alive and then I just couldn’t leave her alone. Don’t think I got much sleep the rest of the night and from that point on things were very different and just got better and better to the point now where I can walk into my bedroom, see her laying on the bed and get that stirring in the loins. Now, this was great, I had made the transition and was having incredible times with Sarah that felt so good and thereby hangs a tale, some days it would be half a dozen times and I began to worry that I would wear her out! She is built-in so cleaning was a bit of a chore so I read about using femidoms and got a couple that is completely reusable and soon got the hang of them, this then negated the need to wash Sarah out so frequently, this was good news for her as after 4 months she was showing some initial signs of wear from the frequent attention and washing. About this time I started to apply a little Vaseline to her crotch area as this gets a lot of stress and that helped as well. Also, to Sarah’s relief I’m sure, we were joined by Sophia after 6 months, so she could share the workload and Sophia benefitted from the femidoms use and so less frequent cleaning. I’m convinced of the importance of this with TPE gals as Sophia is over a year old now and her lady parts look as good as when she arrived. Sarah is still my queen though and we can still have days where I just can’t leave her alone, I dare say that without the femidoms she would be feeling it by now, as it is though she’s holding up well. Now, of course, everyone’s experience can be different and some folk doesn’t personalize things with their dolls to the extent I’ve described, and that’s fine, they are probably still a bit sane maybe! But if you are one of those that gets seduced by the sheer foxy loveliness of your new synthetic lady then you might want to have a bit of a strategy about how to give her the best chance of surviving your frequent attention. I would imagine there are similar issues with silicone although cleaning is easier and the material is a little more durable but TPE can be too if treated with respect!

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