This is a list of TPE dolls. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far
* Hairbrush.
* Extra wigs.
* Wig stands for your surplus wigs. The wigs will look better if they are stored on wig stands instead of just keeping them lying in a drawer somewhere.
* Hair tie, if you intend to make a sexy hairstyle for your doll.
* Clothes, just make sure you buy the correct sizes. You can find the measurements of our dolls in their respective pages.
* Shoes, if you want that for your doll. The length of your doll’s feet should be displayed in the respective page of said doll. If you are not sure about the shoe sizes or the length of your doll’s feet, you can always ask us.
* Makeup. You can use powder-based makeup on your doll to make her look even more attractive. You may want to give her your own unique style. But you don’t need to do this if you don’t want to, since the dolls come with makeup already put on. But you may want to change her lipstick every now and then.
* Water-based lubricant. It is important that you use this when you are making love to your doll.
* Perfume. If you want your doll to smell as good as a real woman, then you can apply perfume to her wig. Avoid getting it directly on the skin of your doll, since the alcohol in the perfume could harm her skin.
* Condoms, if you intend to use those.
* Baby oil. For skin treatments.
* Vaseline. For skin treatments.
* Baby powder. To make her skin extra smooth and non-sticky.

When people buy a doll, they would prefer to have her arrive the very next day if possible. I can understand that. The excitement and anticipation are unbearable. It’s as if time stands still and you start climbing on the walls. Give yourself something to focus on while waiting for the doll to arrive. Planning what to do with the doll and purchasing everything needed, will make time go by faster. And it’s good to be prepared when the delivery day comes.

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