Baby Oil (mineral oil) is to replenish (TPE ONLY) and to help prevent drying. Newer TPE formulas do not require as frequent oiling as they once did, 3 to 4 times a year.

In general, oil is applied to a clean and dry doll. Although, some actually use baby oil to clean their doll. That’s a technique where you rub oil on an area and wipe it right back off again to remove embedded grit and grime. For normal maintenance oiling though, you just apply by hand as you would giving someone a massage. I prefer to do that with my doll standing, while others do one side at a time with their doll lying flat. Just enough oil to lightly coat the doll, no more. Baby oil can take several hours to overnight to absorb and your doll may remain tacky afterward. I then wait until the oil has soaked into her body (about an hour or so or until she is no longer wet and shiny) before applying powder/cornstarch and dressing her.

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