Black Mold that you can never get rid of really. That will spread to everything and ruin the doll. Anywhere, dark, moist, stagnant, and porous has the potential to become a culture for all sorts of nasty microbes. I’m sure you do not want a life-sized petri dish living in your place unless you bought your doll as a science experiment, I do NOT recommend you do this.
Also, if you used water-based lube (which you should with TPE), that with other potential moisture from play can get into her internals and rust out her skeleton. This may cause it to become brittle and break or render some joints useless. Please clean her right after. Don’s wait. And make sure she’s fully dry before storage.
Company is the longest love confession, and the guard is the best company. Once the sex doll is sent to you, you become her/his partner and lover. As a responsible sex owner, you should learn how to take care of your sex doll; because that’s the best way to ensure you’ll be with each other for the long haul.

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