1. Positive, Upbeat, Loyal, Humble, Couch Potato

2. Sweet, kind, gentle, tolerant, understanding, patient, and loyal.

3. Gothic, Lingerie Fetish, Kinky, Exhibitionist, Naughty, Nice, Thoughtful, Sex-starved, Loyal, Always there for me

4. Tenacious, Rambunctious, Dreamy, Sultry, Witty

5. Loyal, Merciful, Empathic, Curious, Proud of herself
I think it’s enough

6. As others have said, my dolls’ personalities continue to evolve the same way that a human’s personality evolves over time. Partly this is because the longer we are together, the better I get to know them, the more I discover their nuances and downright contradictions, the more I recognize the complexity of their beings. Their personalities also evolve through our shared living experience: they adjust to me and vice-versa.

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