1. Or the old-fashioned powder puff like your grandma used.

2. I use one every time. Some people do the whole thing using their hands but I think it’s gonna go everywhere doing that. So, have your cornstarch in a tub, dip the brush in, and lovingly spread it around. I do a section at a time working down from the head with her on her back, then turn her over and same again. Pay special attention to creases, underarms, etc, it prevents friction.

3. I use an inexpensive powder puff and it works fine.

4. Powdering makes clothes less likely to cause staining/abrasion damage. And keeps her dry and fresh/lint-free.

5. I sprinkle the powder on with the little holes in the twist top of the bottle of powder.

6. I wash my hands with anti-bacterial soap. I clip my fingernails. I sprinkle baby powder on and smooth it all over with my hands. I use the round makeup brush to spread any leftover powder and in hard-to-reach places that little paintbrush works wonders.

7. I started with the powder bottle holes + hands, but found coverage is not even, some spots still tacky, others caked visible in a photo. Searching for a better method, I settled on a makeup brush as the one Zak325 posted. There’s a good kit of 6 sizes of brushes for powder, blush, eyeshadow, etc. at Forever21 not expensive.

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