1. I have had my doll on her side for a couple of nights now and have not been able to find a great position for the arms. I usually in the middle of the night roll over because my arm that I drape over her begins to hurt. You can really feel that metal skeleton after a while.

2. Tempting though it is, I wouldn’t leave her in that position for longer than half an hour or so.

3. I have her downside arm tucked tight to her side and rotated up at the elbow slightly and her palm against her front thigh to protect fingers from the blankets etc.

Her top arm I’ve always moved up so her hand is flat on the pillow in front of her (helps protect fingers as well) and above her head so when I drape my arm over her it is her side instead of her arm as I find that uncomfortable.

In the morning, I return her to her neutral position. I’ve only ever had minor creases at the hip area but they fade quickly. My doll got a few tears in her armpit. I suspect it’s from my having her arm too much of an angle up or was there prior and just didn’t see it. So now her upper arm goes 90 or so degrees up and elbow up to get the hand to pillow and lay flat.

4. I do semi-spoon, the doll lies on her back with her back arched so I can get my arm under her and her bum twisted towards me a bit. It kind of works but can be a pain to get her to twist sometimes. I wouldn’t recommend allowing the doll’s weight to bear down on her shoulder joint. It will damage the TPE. I’d rather lay with my head on her belly and my arms around her. It’s really cold where I live so its good to snuggle under the duvet.

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