1. I write fantasy novels, my two “big” girls are elves (one dwarf, one from the desert), and I have a 12-inch tall elf. My entire doll world is playing roles with them. It is the “harem” that grew up under the rule of the desert elves. The desert elves are deadly archers, responsible for family safety. The drow is still adapting to human society and has not fully understood a) she does not need to bite everything with the fangs of a viper; b) she has no noble rights to everything she sees, even though I rarely say “no”…

2. My doll is only used for photography and dressing, so it is not really used for role-playing. However, whenever I was a child, I had an illusion of being able to stop time. Sometimes, when I undress the doll, the scenes along these lines of thought will come to my mind.

3. Back when I ordered the doll, I wanted to give her a personality so that I had a better idea of ​​what to wear and clothes that made her feel more real. While waiting for her to arrive, I realized that I had chosen to make her look weird and approach the old game avatar I created. Figuring out that I might also like it, the avatar became a doll, and the doll became a Scottish musician. He took a break from the tour to stay with me and accompany me. We live a fairly quiet family life, but I still take Shirl out of the car regularly to let her see the scenery and not feel like staying at home.

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