1. Use Vaginal Irrigator and Reusable Drying Rod.

2. Use female condoms then all the lube is inside and the doll stays clean, just make sure to wash the lube off the outside of the condom first.

3. I probably would have used “easiest” instead of “laziest”. There are easy and efficient cleaning methods, but no lazy if you want your doll to maintain her beauty. Unfortunately, many first-time doll owners underestimate the amount of time and effort necessary to keep their dolls clean and maintained. This is something I try to emphasize to newbies; when selecting your synthetic gurl, the weight is directly related to ease of use and maintenance. It can be an expensive mistake or become a valuable lesson learned.

I rather enjoy cleaning and pampering my gurls. Showers, powdering, and mineral oil massages are as enjoyable as dressing, sex, and companionship.

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