1. Don’t submerge the standing feet in the water. Before showering or bathing the doll, the easiest thing to do is place strong leak-proof plastic bags around them & secure them into place using strong rubber bands. Afterward, clean the feet manually using a damp towel.

2. Do not rub too hard, you can mark or scar the surface. Or make a tear, be gentle, technically we are supposed to dab these dolls. I use water on my doll because she doesn’t have holes in her feet.

3. Do not use a sponge on a TPE doll. The texture can grab the TPE and cause damage. You want something as smooth as possible. That is why I suggested baby wipes. Even a washrag has texture and can grab and damage the TPE.

4. If you blow a load in a built-in, here is what I do using a turkey baster:
1) Shoot 12-15 basters full of slightly soapy water into her pussy & let drain out.
2) Shoot 12-15 basters full of rinse water into her pussy & let drain out.
3) Use the back end of a wooden spoon to insert a micro-fiber towel into her & leave it in place for 15-20 minutes before removing it.
4) Spread the doll’s legs & place a mini-fan in front of the pussy opening for at least 1 hour in order to dry up the residual moisture. Usually, I just leave the leave in place for several hours until I need to move the doll or prepare her for the next use.

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