1. There may still be some small water droplets on her skin, which will cause spots and ash, usually due to too much powder. Once you think she is dry, pat it with a towel again to be sure.

At the same time, mix some cornstarch into a zipper bag and add a teaspoon of cocoa powder until the mixture matches her skin. Once you start to apply it, it will blend together so perfectly that you need to put your hands on her to discover possible missed positions.

2. I also have a black skin love doll. When applying powder to obtain an even finish, couples’ products can help. 1. The doll needs to be cleaned and completely dry. Second, don’t use too much powder. Only a little dust is needed. I usually put cornstarch into an old sock, pat it gently at a time, and then smooth it evenly with a large makeup brush. Finally, if streaks do appear, wipe the area with a slightly damp cloth. Clean up.

3. When I really wet my doll, all I can do is use a hairdryer to blow the white microfiber cloth on her body, so that the heat will not flow directly to the TPE skin, but will heat the superfine The fiber cloth can then absorb the remaining moisture faster. Remember to move the hairdryer a lot to avoid overheating anywhere on the TPE skin.

4. I did a few different things. Wash, dry, and rub cornstarch between my hands. When my hands are lightly dusted with dust, I first pat the palms with a towel or something to remove the “heavy” dust. Then, with the light layer remaining, massage the powder into the tacky TPE. It’s amazing, how long it takes to produce a smooth feeling, and there are almost no dolls, so there are no spots.

It takes some trial and error to get it right, but for me, it is better than the sock method. Although, I might try the cinnamon trick soon. The smell of cinnamon is too fragrant…

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