1. Mine is tan. I use a makeup brush with corn starch. To help rub in powder you could put on some clean cotton gloves and gently wipe around to get it smooth and silky. Make sure she is completely dry from washing, and be sure when oiling, give a few hours for that to settle in before powder application.

2. You can add unsweetened cocoa powder to the baby powder to get a darker blend. For a regular tan doll, I would fill a Tupperware container 3/4 full with baby powder and 1/4 full with cacao powder. Shake out of it, and then compare the color to your doll’s skin. If it’s not quite right, then experiment with a different ratio until you get the desired blend. Be sure to buy UNSWEETENED cocoa powder.

3. My doll is a shade or 2 darker than tan. I just use a make-up brush and regular corn starch. It does tend to show more in some areas than others, but I just go over those areas with a damp, (not wet) cloth afterward. Seems to work pretty well. One member mentioned mixing a bit of food coloring with the powder. I’ve never tried it though.

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