1. Baby oil lightly dabbed is ok for small areas but the whole staining back might take a while to fix.

2. As a sufferer of the trauma of stains, I highly recommend Indigo’s stain remover. Mineral oil/baby oil/cold cream(which is basically whipped mineral oil with fragrance added) is great for makeup removal or surface cleaning, but not for below the surface stains. Whatever you decide to use, always test first in a hidden place. It’s rare but sometimes you can get a bad reaction. Happened to me with benzoyl peroxide.

3. Some hints:
– avoid dark clothes (even if washed thoroughly)
– don’t let your doll in clothes for too long (whether it is a color or tightness issue)
– stains often come off by themselves, with time, seemingly being absorbed by the TPE
– soap and water applied sooner than later can prevent almost everything to last
– most of the time, non-water based make-up will stain, and last, and not be ”absorbed” by the TPE
– don’t leave dark materials on her for more than an hour

4. Don’t be afraid of black/dark clothing though. Just keep a protective layer of white clothes underneath, and make sure to take it off to wash from time to time as stains can eventually bleed through by oil, especially if left under pressure for long periods.

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