1. Within the first month after I received my doll, she had a terrible accident. We were both hanging out in the locked basement having some Bourbon and smoking Pall Malls enjoying each other. I had set her on a high backed bar stool that she sat on many times before. From previous dates, I knew she was a little low in the stool and needed 2″ more inches under her to bring her up to the perfect height for a good standing up love. I had set her on a high-density foam block that brought her up to the perfect height. I went into the other room to get the lube. All of a sudden, I heard a crash, like an auto accident. The foam had compressed under her weight and caused her to be off-balance. I ran around the corner and found her face down on the concrete floor. Both of her eyes blew out of her head, spinning around on the floor. The polyfill stuffing was hanging out her eye sockets six inches, her new glasses were broken in 3 pieces. Her skeleton broke through her knee caps and trashed her pantyhose. I feel so terrible, what a nightmare sight, like out of a horror movie. I felt like I let her down and that my drunken stopper caused my perfect doll to become an accident victim. She still bears the scars despite my efforts to conceal them. We have been together for over 4 years now and live with my mistake. I give her anything she wants except for a Versace dress. I think she forgives me. Now I use a bungee to keep her in the chair. I totally understand your feelings Gote, they are real and human.

2. A few months after Jenny came to love with me, her back snapped. When it happened, I broke down inside knowing that trying certain positions and not being careful had caused it. I cried and I almost never cry about anything. I bought her a new body and can feel her soul had moved from one body to another. The last few months with her new body has been an incredible journey. I can understand how you may feel guilty about her damaged body and the emotional disconnect. You could get her a new body. Your relationship with her could be the same as it was before. It can even be better! I hope that things work out well for you truly and that you find peace in whatever decision you make.

3. A few weeks after I got my second-hand Brooklyn RD, I noticed that the sole of one of her feet had somehow split open. I managed to fix it, but there was a visible scar. I wasn’t pleased about it, but after some thought, I realized that it really didn’t matter. Real women have scars and blemishes. It shows that they’ve lived and it gives them character.

4. My doll has a bone-deep laceration on her shoulder due to shipping damage. I’ll have to perform surgery to seal the hole, as it cannot be left as-is without causing further damage. I picked out a name, Sybil, and got her some nicer clothes. She’s slept next to me since I got her. I just received her not long ago, so I don’t know how I feel about her yet, but she definitely feels like more than just an expensive sex toy. I know that I like having her next to me while I sleep and I’m excited to see her when I get home.

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