1. The answer is no, you don’t NEED to get a camera when you get a doll, but you may find that you WANT to get a camera. I started out using my Samsung phone camera, then moved through the compact digital cameras (cheap ones like £40-50) then found I loved the photography aspect so much I wanted the capabilities of a decent DSLR.

Taking photos if fun, planning and creating the shoots just as much so. We all love pics here, but there’s certainly no requirement for people to take them and share them.

2. Nobody’s pressuring you to show her off to the world. And getting her is just the first step. You still have clothing to buy. Maybe some makeup. Maybe a different wig. Take your time and find out who she is before you feel the need to go out and show her off.

3. I started with my Samsung phone and am now in the mid-range camera stage.

I may move up to a high-end camera one day, but no plans right now.

But you don’t have to be in a hurry. I still occasionally use my Samsung phone because it can be voice-activated. I have the camera set on its highest superfine setting. However, even with phone pictures, I still reduce the size to 1600×900 before posting. No one really needs the ability to count how many eyelash hairs Daria has.

4. Photos definitely add to the fun of having a doll. I just use my cellphone and get decent results.

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