1. As mentioned by all the experienced doll owners:
1) Never store a clothed doll. Dyes from clothes tend to leech into the TPE or Silicone over a period of time. Straps or tight parts of the clothing will make a pattern where it digs into your doll.
2) Always give it a proper oil treatment and powdering before storing to extend its TPE quality.
3) Laying down as it was when delivered is usually the optimal position, as well as laying something soft like a memory foam mattress down to help disperse the weight of the doll.
4) Make sure nothing heavy or fabric is laying on her at all.
Hopefully, more advice from the members will add on. But that’s what I know for sure.

2. What I do when storing it back in the box is I use all the bubble wrapper that came with it (in the original box) and place it underneath her so that her butt does not get deformed. Head detached also. Memory foam is ok but quite expensive and does not fit in the original box.

3. My bed is about 7.5 in already off the ground, had 6 in risers that actually add 5 in xtra height and my 170 M cup barely squeezes under the bed in the bag, the titties would be pressed slightly under the bed and I wasn’t having that. Although it’s on a 3 in memory foam, you could probably put your doll on a 1.5-2 in memory foam and it should be fine. I recently got new bed risers at bed bath and beyond, $15 they’re 8 in so giving 7 in of height and it’s obviously much better.

4. I would recommend some memory foam padding. I bought a small cheap memory foam mattress for mine about 1.5″ and fold it in half, it fits almost perfectly into the box. I use it even when she is not in the box to keep her padded since she sleeps in a bed all the time.

5. I just pulled my doll out of storage from a year ago, and I had it in a fleece blanket in a plastic bag in the original box, 2 issues I had were creases in the ankle, and the ass kind of flattened a bit. So be aware if you have bends then you may end up with creases.

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