1. Standalone, clean yourself, dress, and undress. Well, most of it is the undressing part!

2. Control my spending on clothes and things for her. Of course, I hope there is a doll that can control my CC, and she may increase expenditure. With Azure, I knew I would get stuck in shoes before blinking.

3. Doll makers need to do it! No finger poke!

4. Some AI. But once she got it, is a big question interesting to us. Actually, I plan to do this work. AI is not yet feasible, but at least it will pretend to talk. Help the family adapt and argue whether I am not doing enough in the gym. Know her location and spatial direction. Able to recognize objects. Once I have AI, I can teach her many things.

You can travel with me alone without lifting a crane. I like to show her the real world. Heal basic wounds like us. So we can go further.

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