1. When I received my first anime doll, it was significantly different from anything I had owned before. It took me a few weeks to get used to her, but I eventually did. My advice is to give it some time. If after some time you still can’t get past the issue, then you can always sell her here in the For Sale section and use the money to buy something else.

2. The trick is not even trying to cross the ‘uncanny valley’. Just deliberately stay on the Manga/Anime doll side of the fantasy.

3. Anime dolls do give me an uncanny valley feeling. While I do enjoy the source material those wide faces and big alien-like eyes. My inside voice is screaming “KILL IT WITH FIRE!” and “BURN THE WITCH!”.

4. As others have said, I too enjoy 2d and 3d hentai porn, and the big anime eyes are endearing to me when it is animation. But those same big eyes on dolls or even on cosplay models who try for that effect using contact lenses, well that creeps me out. The so-called anime dolls with smaller eyes do look good to me.

5. I don’t see what’s creepy about any of them. It’s probably just getting used to something a little different. I like all the photos.

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