1. You do not need to fall in love with your doll to fantasize about having sex with it, but it’s definitely more mental work than just jerking off to porn with Fleshlight. When you make love to a doll, with the right mindset, your entire body and mind go through about the same motions and thoughts/experiences as you would with a live partner. It’s 75-90% real for most normal people, but it can be even more intense experience for those who have a hard time connecting with people, like those somewhere on Autism/Asperger introvert spectrum. The doll eliminates the human aspect of the interaction, and for those people, that’s a pure blessing.

A modern TPE doll skin, properly oiled and powdered, will feel very soft and smooth and you’ll love squeezing and sucking those breasts. The heads are so beautiful that you just cannot resist kissing them. The other parts of the doll will provide you with a nice squeeze experience as well.

2. Being with a sex doll is vastly better than simple/regular masturbation. It is many levels deeper and more intimate. In some ways, the fantasy is actually better with the doll than with a woman because with the doll you can dress them anyway you want, the session can last 5 mins or 12 hours. They always look hot and remain eternally young. You have exactly any body shape you like ie fat, tall, short, big tits, little tits. You can indulge in any fantasy you want, etc. So in some ways being with the doll is actually better than being with a real-life woman.

4. Sex doll is amazing if you have a good imagination, like someone else said. It gets better if you end up feeling attracted to the doll. I owned a fleshlight before and I’d say they feel about the same. It’s not as stimulating as being with a real woman, but the doll can look so much sexier than most women and I get so damn visually stimulated sometimes by the doll.

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