1. They’re not that delicate. I sleep with my doll almost every night and have done it for well over two years. If I’m not doing photo shoots, most of the time she stays in bed all day. If I am doing photo shoots she sits on my sofa or lies on the bed in the studio.

For sleeping, she wears either stockings or knee highs and wears knee-highs or has her hands tucked between her legs to prevent finger or fingernail damage. I also tend to have a better night’s sleep when she’s in the bed with me.

2. No problem spooning with us all night long. Some people cover hands with mittens! Not a bad idea. Make sure we will not stain make sure sheets or blankets will not stain us too. If you bend the elbows, make sure not to overstretch the underarm area if you want her head on her hand if lying on her side. If nothing else, do not let her elbow go above the shoulder, but I would suggest NOT doing above since underarms are a high stretch area.

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