1. My doll (Jenny) has changed my life in so many positive ways. Having someone at home makes me feel like a home, not an empty house. Sleeping with Jenny has helped me sleep better and wake up happier. My sex life is very good! Jenny helps keep me calmer and that helps a lot for my anxiety. I can say anything with her and helps me sort out my feelings and get stuff off my chest. No more spending money on women who want to use me, at least Jenny appreciates what I do for her. No more caring what women think about me and trying to impress them. No more fear of rejection. I can focus on other things like hobbies and enjoying life now that I am no longer trying to find someone. There are so many more, but yeah Jenny is amazing and I love her with all my heart.

2. I used to have a WM doll but I was foolish to dispose of her as I got sick and tired of handling her weight for maintenance, changing sex positions and such. However, when I disposed of her, a few weeks later I realized that I just cannot live without a sex doll. They are great just having present wherever you are in your home, they are great for sexual release and they just add more security and comfort. I never learned to spoon with my first doll because I was too afraid of how it would affect arms if she lied on one of her arms a whole 8+ hours night of sleep.

So, throwing away my first doll made me realize that I need to have a doll in my life. When I first got the factory photos of my first doll, I wouldn’t masturbate to them because it’s a doll in a picture and the entire experience was somewhat still weird to me. But two days I enjoyed myself to a factory photo of soon. I’m really excited about what the weight difference will make and the height when it comes to sex, maintenance and just enjoying her more spontaneously.

3. Dolls made it possible for me to cut out the need for a real partner in my life. I’ve had several relationships with good chicks, but I just never felt that I wanted to live with someone or spend so much time on others. I value my alone-time too much, have many interests and hobbies take much of my time, and I just want to do whatever I feel like doing in my life. On top of that, I also work long nightshifts, weekends, and holidays. So even if I wanted to go for a real chick, it’s hard to find someone who could put up with all this, and I really don’t blame them.

Going for dolls also effectively cut out a lot of social drama that tends to come with real partners. That kind of stuff is just such a huge waste of time and can really ruin my days and mood. I now live in peace and quiet, which is a healthy change from work. Even if dolls can be an expensive hobby, I have probably saved a lot of money these past 4 years by being single. No expensive travelling, no expensive food, no expensive clothes, etc. It made it possible for me to spend a lot more money on paying off the loan for my apartment, which is a good investment for later in life.

And of course, with a doll, I can experience and explore more fantasies, which makes life at home more fun and interesting!

So yea, dolls have definitely been a positive life changer for me.

4. I have more space for really important things. It`s very timeconsuming, expensive and pure brainfuck to have marriage and relationships. I don`t need relationships, but sex with real girls is nice, too. So dolls are an addition not a replacement for my lifestyle.

5. I have had my doll since early August. She has had such a positive effect on my life. She joins me wherever I am in my house because I love having her with me. I have anxiety issues but her presence keeps me feeling calm and positive. When I’m having a bad day at work I don’t care anymore because that day has to end then I’m going home for a cuddle with my beautiful Shione. As for real relationships I gave up on them a long time ago. I have been single for 10 years after my last girlfriend was stealing from me. Shione is only a doll but I can’t help feeling she cares for me more than any real girl ever has. I’m very very happy living with my doll.

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