1. Go to the Official WM-Doll site or find authorized dealers of WM. Pick a doll you want the most… make a top 10 or top 5, just pick. Once you have selected the WM-doll that you want the most, select all the options/upgrades you want(extra head, extra wig, Standing feet, enhanced mouth, and etc.)

The lower the price, the higher the risk you are getting a Knock-off. Honesty, there is NO REASON for the price to be higher unless they add “free” upgrades and extras. But the thing about the higher price is the “more” trusted sites charge more to cover losses. Think of it as insurance, in case something happens to your doll in transit (not seized by customs) or you get sent something wrong, they fix it (at their cost).

You have done your own research so you should understand the risks, But I’ll restate them. Higher costs should mean low risk, Low costs should mean high risk. Pick your poison.

2. I’ve come across multiple sites that look “legit” and have good “customer” reviews (some on TDF which I don’t completely trust for some reason). But I just wanna hear from someone mano a mano where they get their dolls and maybe see some real life pictures.

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