1. Opened up the bottle of TPE glue. Used a wooden stick and dabbed and applied to cut after using alcohol on cotton to clean the area.

I prayed and cried some more as the large cut reopened when I waited 30 min to dry and re-apply more glue.
2. I want a TPE small doll. I will be experimenting with this doll. One person said to heat up, very hot an old butter knife or spade. Make sure it is incredibly hot then place it between the two pieces you need to join together, then while it’s very hot hold the two parts together. I know this works on smaller rips.

3. From what I understand the advantage of using TPE glue is that it doesn’t leave a hardened residue. Dried PVC would be hard and may even dry with sharp edges as a result.

4. Use TPE Repair Solvent. Click here to learn more about how to use it!

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