1. For both long and short sleeve shirts, you can bundle it as close to the cuff as you can. With her arms straight forward, you can slide the shirt over her hands and wrist. You can do her arms straight up but there is the risk of her skin tearing loose.

Next, you can take her head off and slide the shirt over her neck. Then replace her head, having an M16 magnetic connector makes this easy.

2. I simply don’t buy stuff that I can’t dress from bottom-up or that has buttons or a zipper.

3. For t-shirts, I go for the larger sizes so there’s extra wiggle room to compensate for her reduced range of motion. I usually get her arm through the first sleeve, then rotate her other arm behind her back to get it through the other sleeve. From there, work the shirt up to her arms and then pull it over her head while it’s tipped down. Anything with a wide neck helps in getting it over her head. If the neck is really wide, you can just pull it up from her feet and thread it through her arms along the way. Lace-up tops are nice in that you can stretch the neck to make it easier to get on, but then tighten it all back up when you’re done.

4. If you have tight pants, put nude pantyhose on underneath the pants. Makes it a lot easier to slide the pants up her legs and protects her legs from possible damage.

5. For pullover shirts, tanks and such, I usually stretch both arms out in front, then slip both arms through the sleeves up to the elbows and raise the arms up until I can slip the shirt over her head, working on the side than the other, raising and lowering the arms until it’s on.

If the shirt or dress has a large enough neck opening, I generally put those on feet first. Otherwise, I try to get clothes with buttons and zippers. Makes life a lot easier with dolls. They tend not to cooperate when getting dressed.

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